openMC is run by the Monster Crayons staff on their free time. This is where we have the opportunity to interact with our community on topics relating to video and our company.

The goal of openMC is for us to give back to the community that we serve by sharing some of our video knowledge. Also, it lets people outside the company get a glimpse of what we do here.

Along the way, we'll meet a lot of cool people, make great videos, and have some fun.

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Blogger travis is not home said...

30 Second Video Contest Call (downtown / civic / van ness)
Reply to: job-212546470@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-09-26, 11:32AM PDT
Found This on craigslist

Create a 30 second video for web distribution that makes the case for the need to increase school funding and the opportunity that it would bring for students. Submissions that demonstrate how even a modest funding increase would make a difference are particularly encouraged. Visit http://www.bytecaster.com/contests/edvoice/ to see the full list of directions and rules. First place winner will receive $500. Email or call (916)325-0407.

12:26 PM  

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