mc: Header and Footer Images

The cool sky image is from this photo.

The cool macro water drop image is from this photo.

For more cool photos from these photographers and others, visit flickr.

mc: iPod/PSP Button

We've recently started encoding our online videos to be iPod and PSP compatible. This means if you own one of those devices, you can take your videos wherever you go and show them to anyone you want.

The button above uses a Creative Commons License. If you also host videos on the web that can be played on the iPod and PSP, feel free to use the button. Please upload the image to your own server and don't link directly to our image which saves us bandwidth. Thanks!

Instructions for using the button:
1. Download the image above here.
2. Upload the image to your server.
3. Copy and paste the code below into your webpage.
4. Replace "YOURSERVER" with the address of your server.

If you don't know how to encode your videos to be iPod and PSP compatible, we'll be putting up a tutorial to show you how.

mc: Monster Crayons Button

Those 80x15 pixel sized buttons seem to be everywhere nowadays, so we decided to create our own.

Whenever you see the button above, that means the video associated with it was made by Monster Crayons. It links to more Monster Crayons videos, and when you hover your mouse above it, our slogan appears.

You can easily create your own 80x15 button here.

mc: Happy Holidays!

This is the xmas tree that Phil put up in our office. Thanks!

The Jack in the Crack balls came from all the sourdough jack meals I eat.

industry: DVD to iPod

industry: Firefox Flicks!

Spread Firefox | Igniting the web

Firefox is my browser of choice. If you're still using Internet Explorer, consider using Firefox instead. More info on Firefox here.

The good people on the Spread Firefox team are trying out a new marketing campaign called Firefox Flicks. This is a great opportunity for anyone to showcase their video skills. Details for Firefox Flicks here.

Get Firefox!


openMC is run by the Monster Crayons staff on their free time. This is where we have the opportunity to interact with our community on topics relating to video and our company.

The goal of openMC is for us to give back to the community that we serve by sharing some of our video knowledge. Also, it lets people outside the company get a glimpse of what we do here.

Along the way, we'll meet a lot of cool people, make great videos, and have some fun.

Click Home to see what we have so far. And remember...

With great video, comes great responsibility.