Weddings Rock!: An Editor/Videographer's Perspective

I love doing weddings...I think mostly because what brings everyone in one room, one location, one place -- is LOVE -- the LOVE between the bride and groom - that's what it's really about....

and then...all the details...the dads, moms, kids, colors, cakes, gifts, decorations, flowers, grooms, bride, locations....

it's like everything is about a dream - a dream that the bride had, a dream that the groom had...and then our job as videographers is just to capture the day, and try to come as close as the bride and groom dreamed it to be....

The other thing that I love is the choice of MUSIC...when you put the images of the day along with very MEANINGFUL songs, you know that the pictures even mean that much more....

AND...with weddings, you know that at least to one or two people, the video could mean so much...
I think th best part of weddings, also, is that each wedding is a different experience, a different mix of people...I love meeting the other vendors, personally -- the other DJ's, the photographers, everyone has a different work style...

Also, I get to eat really good FOOD! yum!

And I get to see so many different places....yes, it could be hot, it could be so far a way from san francisco (the city), but once you get don't think of it any more because you are there already
The day usually goes like this (for me). Since I tend to do bride preps (taping the bride as she get ready), I usually come in to the bride's hotel/room sometime between 10A and 1P (depends on when the ceremony is), I say "Hello, my name is evita...I'm helping out with the video today..." and then I tape and tape and tape...then eat...then tape..then hang out...then tape...then maybe tear if there is a good speech or something touching happens...and then I leave...

sometimes I do the onsite edit (when you edit the day's highlights and play it during the reception) when that happens, I do the bride prep...and then I edit edit edit...and then hang out...and then say congratulations to the couple...and then leave.....
the ultimate favorite part and funnest part of my job is being able to edit to music and that the montages deal with emotions...being able to mix emotion, video, and audio is the best part fo the job for me...and so fun......
the ongoing education that I get from doing weddings:
1) shot composition
2) on-the-spot decision-making
3) working under pressure
4) teamwork
5) cultural exposure (seeing how different families celebrate)

that's it! Thanks to Monster Crayons for providing the opportunity for this type of work experience!


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